Josh Rouse & Vetiver

Saturday 25th September 2021

Whelan's, Dublin

Singular Artists proudly presents “Vetiver & Josh Rouse; An evening with two troubadours ”, performing in Whelan’s, 25th September 2021. Tickets go on sale this Friday, 23rd October 2020.

Andy Cabic’s musical being is, like many curious 21st century musicians, shaped and sustained by divergent tangents. If he’s not crafting a melancholy folk rock diamond in his Northern California studio, he’s moving a dance floor with bossa nova and house DJ sets, or helping curate a compilation of Japanese City Pop. Vetiver’s last release was “Up On High”, November 2019.

You don’t have to work hard to enjoy Josh Rouse’s music. His songs present themselves to you with an open heart, an innate intelligence and an absolute lack of pretension. They are clear-eyed, empathetic and penetrating. Without pandering, they seek to satisfy both your ear and your understanding. The verses draw you in with telling detail, both musical and thematic, and the choruses lift and deliver. They resolve without seeming overly tidy or pat. Josh Rouse’s latest musical effort is The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse released in 2019.

“Vetiver & Josh Rouse; An evening with two troubadours” live in Whelan’s, Saturday 25th September 2021.